Welcome to Outside the Comfort Zone.

Inspiring soulful ways to navigate the human experience amidst turbulent times of transformation.

Hello to your soul, thank you for being here.

I’m Becky, a deep n’ dirty earth baby addicted to nature and diving into the unknown. I have a cheeky sense of humour and a passionate sting in my tail when it comes to being real with our feels. In a world where comfort and familiarity reign supreme, I dare you to break free from self-imposed limitations and explore life outside your comfort zone.

Who is this for?

Outside the Comfort Zone provides an abundant library of resources and a powerful community space for people on a quest to unearth their authentic potential. Inspired by my own life experiences and life lessons, I encourage you to go against the grain, venture into uncharted territory and challenge the boundaries of what you perceive as ‘normal’, comfortable and familiar. Everything I create is infused with a strong intention to shatter soul-destroying realities and open new doorways to abundant possibilities.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

When we move towards unexplored paths and allow ourselves to feel the full range of our human experience, we begin to discover strengths we never knew we possessed. We tap into reservoirs of resilience, courage, and creativity that lay dormant within us. We uncover hidden talents and develop new skills that help us connect with the unseen and abandoned parts of the self. The soul. Our unique genius, our essence.

If you feel my words stoke the fire inside your heart, this is 100% for you.

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What kind of stuff is going to be published here?

It’s been a huge dream of mine to offer simple guidance, in an easy-access place where I can share all my stories, teachings and resources. Substack doesn’t fry my brain like most social media apps, and it won’t fry yours either. It’s easy to use, it doesn’t cost ridiculous amounts of money, it supports the creative community and we don’t get hassled with advertisements, reels and other crafty interruptions we cannot escape on platforms like TikTok, IG and Facebook. The crackhead apps.

Expect this place to be packed full of ways to inspire a deeper connection to self.
In a world becoming more complex and serious by the minute, my intention is to help release the pressure on people's minds and resources, and to inspire you to take soulful risks! Free subscribers will receive a weekly article, and paid subscribers will have access to more in-depth private articles, stories, audio notes, journal prompts, meditations, video guidance, Q&A’s in the chat space and much more.

Why pay for what I share?

Outside the Comfort Zone is a reader-supported publication, meaning the financial support provided by readers affords me the ability to make all the writing and content creation possible.

  • The stories and wisdom I share with you here cannot be found elsewhere. Everything provided to the Outside the Comfort Zone community comes from my life experiences, my inner and outer explorations, my training and time spent with clients. I’ll only ever share resources that I have used and approved.

  • Everything I share here will be fresh and from the heart. I am an open book, and I will be writing directly to you as a member of this community. I will be paying attention to comments, questions and feedback and using this as inspiration to share in supportive ways, aligned to whatever is alive from moment to moment.

  • My time, energy and experience is valuable. So is yours. I shine particular light on time and energy… because it can sometimes take me days to create one in-depth article. This page for example took a week to write. I love and enjoy creating content as part of this community, but let’s not forget it is also work. A labour of love, that involves strong intention, patience and commitment.

  • Paying honours the creative process and it honours the hard work and experience that goes into what people share. Technology is rapidly evolving, social media is packed full of free information for hungry minds and it breeds a sense of entitlement that is destroying creativity in so many ways.

  • You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Everything I share here will go directly to your inbox. If you download the app you have a direct chat inbox too.

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Cheaper than a tub of chewing gum, WAY more fulfilling to chew on! Absolute STEAL.

Whatever you choose, I am grateful for your time, I am also impressed you’ve managed to stay focussed and read this far. Most adults have the attention span of a puppy these days. I think you’re going to enjoy this community space.

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Inspiring soulful ways to navigate the human experience amidst turbulent times of transformation.


Becky Louise

Verbal Gunslinger | Risk Taker | Rebel | Survivor | Alchemist & Agent of Change. Not your Guru. Trust that your enthusiasm for life will reveal your creative light. Our darkness is the candle. 🕯️